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“We recently made our second home purchase from Restoration Capital, so this was not our first experience with Larry and his constant attention to detail.  We knew what to expect which was detailed workmanship, exceptional sales office, construction manager and workers who were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.”

The Village at West Gloucester
The Village at Canter Brook Farm

“I have a BIG smile on my face.  I couldn’t be more pleased.”
The Village at Canter Brook Farm

“We love living in this community.”
Hatter’s Point Condominiums

“Our buying experience was really great…very painless.”
Hatter’s Point Condominiums

Hatter’s Point Condominiums

Val and Henry peek at their new home under construction at The Village at Canter Brook Farm

Enjoying the water views at The Village at West Gloucester

Residents and guests gather at The Village at Canter Brook Farm


Restoration Capital is committed to delivering the highest-quality, new construction 55+ Condominium homes possible through a proven process for success. Our focus is attention to detail, customer satisfaction and emphasis on exceeding Buyer expectations. Whenever possible, we customize our architectural design choices to accommodate Buyer preferences. We pledge to maintain our reputation as greater-Boston’s Premier 55+ Real Estate Developer.


Restoration Capital
PO Box 1044
Sudbury, MA
978 212 5318


Founded in 2006, Restoration Capital is an umbrella group which manages various Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) specializing in the real estate development of 55+ Condominium homes throughout the greater-Boston, MA region.